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August 28, 2016

Erick Rowan Now a Singles Heel

There was a real surprise this week on Smackdown. As they opened up the show, I waited to see who Jinder Mahal would be up against, hoping he might actually get a win this time to turn around his disappointing enhancement talent run complete with a shallow stereotypical character with no direction or consistency, and as of yet, no sign of winning a match. However, after Rhino came out, making me sure that Jinder Mahal was going to be jobbing out again, WWE pulled a surprise. Instead of Jinder Mahal's already stale terrorist stereotype entrance, an eerie horror movie derivative theme, which I recognized immediately as Eric Rowan's old singles entrance theme, came over the speaker. Out came Eric Rowan as a singles heel competitor. The announcers confirmed that Erick Rowan is now on a singles run after Bray Wyatt turned his back on him. A relatively quick and easy victory over Rhino confirmed that Rowan is officially a singles monster-type heel. Not only is this is a great addition to the Smackdown Live's roster, which is light on heels, but raises other interesting questions pertaining to the Smackdown roster. Is Bray Wyatt now a singles babyface, or do they plan to have him continue as a single heel? Is this the end of the Wyatt family, or will Bray Wyatt align himself with someone else? When Luke Harper comes back, will he be on Raw or Smackdown, heel or babyface, single, or as a tag team with Bray Wyatt? If he does form a tag team with Bray Wyatt, will they be a babyface team or heel team? The emmergence of Erick Rowan as a singles heel opens up so many questions and possibilities for the future of the Smackdown roster, and may therefore be the most exciting development we've seen on the undercard shows in weeks! It will be very interesting to see how this turns out. Hopefully they'll develop this story more on Tuesday Smackdown Live.

In other matches, Main event had the Hype Bros with a relative squash victory over the Vaude Villains, and Smackdown had the Golden Truth go over on Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. The latter may be Bo Dallas's last match in the WWE permanently, or at least for a while, after the reports of him being drunk and abusive and having to be kicked off a flight emerged. This tarnishing of reputation is one that the WWE will certainly have to address. Finally, the fourth match of the undercard week was the kickoff match of Superstars, in which Jinder Mahal continued his Jobber run in a relative Squash match loss, once again to Jack Swagger. This really makes no sense to me, giving Jack Swagger continuous meaningless victories at the expense of a very talented and high potential veteran performer like Jinder Mahal (Tiger Singh). I understand the desire to make fans happy with results on these undercard shows, but another Jack Swagger victory doesn't make anybody's day! It also shows the continuing waste of talent of the nephew of Stampede Wrestling Legend, The Great Gama Singh, and a very talented performer in his own rights, Jinder Mahal. I really hope they start giving him some victories at some point, but knowing how the WWE tends to keep talent at certain position levels for long periods of time, I'm not going to hold my breath.

On an interesting note, this is the first week in which all the matches of Superstars featured exclusively Raw talent and all the matches on Main Event have featured exclusively Smackdown Live talent, as was reported to be the original plan. However, confusingly enough, all the recap segments of Main Event were from this week's Raw episode. This seems like a waste of opportunity to further use Main Event to promote the Smackdown Live brand. Another point of interest is that this marks at least the second straight week that all the women's matches have been on Raw and Smackdown Live, instead of on Superstars and Main Event. Its good to see that the women's divisions of the two brands are getting top exposure, and they are using the undercard shows to promote male undercard talent. This is a very positive move, in my book, and a very positive effect of the brand split.

That's all I have for you from the Undercard this week. Thanks for Jobbing out with the Jobber!

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