Jobbing Out With Danimal Daniel Jobber - Undercard Report

September 11th, 2016

Evident Problems With The Raw And Smackdown Rosters

I saw the worst episodes of Main Event and Superstars that I've seen in a long time this week. Both shows had uninteresting matches that really didn't promote anything, and nearly identical Raw recap segments that did virtually nothing for anyone who hasn't been living under a rock this week in regards to the WWE. The worst part is that almost everyone in the matches were Raw talent, and the shows did barely anything to promote the Backlash Pay-Per-View yet again.

Main Event really exposed the Smackdown roster for how thin it really is. During the Pay-Per-View week, the only Smackdown talent match they could come up with was the kickoff match for Main Event. It featured Dolph Ziggler in a glorified squash match against one half of the VaudeVillains, Aiden English, with Simon Gotch in his corner. It makes sense to have a squash match for Ziggler going into his Intercontinental Title Match against the Miz at Backlash, but is one member of a tag team currently going nowhere the best they can do for an opponent? This, coupled with the fact that there were no other matches featuring Smackdown talent on Main Event, nor Superstars for that matter, really shows how shallow the Smackdown roster really is at this point. Before they worry about adding width to the roster, adding a cruiserweight division for example, they need to add some depth to their main talent roster. Adding more evidence to this sad verdict was the second match of Main Event. This was another Jinder Mahal versus Jack Swagger match. Not only could Main Event not give us a Smackdown Talent Main Event, but they give us a repeat of an undercard match we've seen several times already (with the exact same outcome of a Jack Swagger victory I might add), and really didn't enjoy on either of the other occasions anyway. Gone are the days when Main Event had 3 or 4 decent matches. The brand split appears to have hurt the Main Event show the most. There just isn't enough talent on the Smackdown roster to make Main Event a show worth watching, and the WWE appears to have stopped trying at this point.

If anything, after watching the second match of Main Event and all of Superstars, its apparent that there is too much dead weight on the Raw Brand roster. Superstars opened with Neville getting a squash match victory over Curtis Axel. (Would anybody miss Neville on Raw if he were suddenly placed on the Smackdown roster, and does anybody even remember or care that Curtis Axel is part of Raw?) For a main event, Superstars had Titus O'Neill squashing Jack Swagger. Do we really need to see Jack Swagger once every week, let alone twice, once on each show? With so many younger wrestlers who would love to be on either Raw or Smackdown roster and compete on either of these shows, WWE continues to recycle Jack Swagger's stale old “We The People” persona and boring repetitive in-ring style (with his ridiculous submission Patriot Lock – Pulling our leg if you recall from last week). It really is time to reduce Swagger's in-ring performances, and find him some other role within the company on his off weeks. Shuffle some of the excess underused talent like Neville, Titus O'Neill, Sheamus, or Cesaro to the Smackdown roster to give them depth, or at least have Neville face Titus on Superstars, and come up with a couple of other matches for the two shows that don't involve Jack Swagger. There is so much more the WWE could do with Superstars and Main Event if they'd just even out the roster a bit more, and reduce the appearances of tired old stale performers like Swagger.

If there was a match of the week on the undercard shows, it was Dolph Ziggler against English. At least the VaudeVillains made the match entertaining before Dolph got the relatively easy victory. The Neville versus Curtis Axel was decent, if you like seeing Neville showing off his high-flying moves. Titus against Swagger was rather boring, and if you want to watch Jinder Mahal against Swagger yet again this week, you may want to have your head examined.

On a final note, once again, the recap segments on the two shows were almost carbon copies of each other, and they highlighted the same segments and matches from the main event picture of Monday Night Raw. If you watched Raw, or saw any other Raw recap show, you could skip right over them and miss nothing. It would be so nice if the WWE would use those segments on Main Event to promote some segment of Tuesday Smackdown Live, or at least show different storylines then what are recapped on Superstars. The two undercard shows offer so much potential to support and promote both brands of the WWE, and its such a shame that weeks like this where one almost wishes they hadn't even bothered to watch them have to happen. Can you please put a little effort into creating the Main Event and Superstars shows, WWE?

Backlash was a pretty good show considering the lack of depth of healthy Smackdown talent, and featured the feel good Tag Team Championship victory of long-time undercarder Heath Slater and his partner Rhino (who has been NXT enhancement talent for far too long). Hopefully, WWE intentionally made Main Event and Superstars bad this week to make Backlash look that much better by comparison. Lets go with that!

Thanks again for Jobbing Out with me, Danimal Daniel Jobber. That's all I got for you from the WWE Undercard this week.

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