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                   WWE Cruiser-weight Power Rankings

                              (Updated as of June 20th.)

Honorable mention goes to Titus O'Neill who's killing it out there in a great effort to help Akira Tozawa get over as the Number One Contender to the Cruiserweight title and to promote the Cruiserweight division to the WWE Universe in General.

15) (15) The Brian Kendrick

Still no sign of Mr. Kendrick. We have no idea if or when we'll see him again

14) (6) Austin Aries

He still remained on tv, and formed a now “Loose Affiliation” with Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Whether that means he's going to be actually wrestling in the near future, however, is quite uncertain.

13) (11) Lince Dorado

This week he was kept off tv in favor of Gran Metalik

12) (13) Gran Metalik

Had a decent match against Ariya Daivari, but in a losing effort yet again

11) (10) Noam Dar

Was in a rather amusing segment where it was disclosed that he had accidentally thrown Ariya Daivari's expensive bag into the river instead of Cedric Alexander's, at the bidding of Alicia Fox.

10) (12) Ariya Daivari

Had a decent solo win over Gran Metalik on Main Event, and made a brief appearance on 205 Live, looking for his expensive bag that Noam Dar had mistakenly thrown in the river.

9) (8) Jack Gallagher

Had an embarrassing loss to Tony Nese on 205 Live in a failed effort to defend the honor of Austin Aries

8) (14) Tony Nese

The Premier Athlete makes a big jump this week after an impressive heel victory over Gentleman Jack Gallagher. He may be on a little push, in an effort to fill the hole left by Austin Aries taking a break.

7) (4) Drew Gulak

Whoosh – had the air let out of his push, as he lost on 205 Live to rival Mustafa Ali. Is there still to be more of the story of Drew Gulak's Cruiserweight Campaign? Stay Tuned!

6) (3) TJP

He takes a huge dip this time, with yet another loss to Akira Tozawa. Its hard to tell whether he's still at all on the way up, or if he may be on the way back down.

5) (5) Cedric Alexander

Was given a little break this week, and had only a brief Segment appearance with Noam Dar and Ariya Daivari

4) (9) Mustafa Ali

Had a less than convincing win against Rival Drew Gulak, but not many top ranked cruiserweights had big wins this week. He may not have this spot for long unless he wins again.

3) (7) Rich Swann

Had a very impressive showing in a non-title match versus Champion Neville in the 205 Live Main Event. Past history has shown that this is likely as high as he is going to rise, as he has not been in the title picture since he lost it months ago.

2) (2) Akira Tozawa

Tozawa continues to deliver. He had another impressive win vs TJP, and his controversy over whether he will or even should sign with the Titus Brand, and his new rivalry with Champion Neville are probably the most exciting things happening in the Cruiserweight Division right now.

1) (1) Neville

And still the champion, Neville. Another big victory in a non-title match against Rich Swann in the main event of 205 Live.

These power rankings in their present form are solely created and up-kept by me, Danimal Daniel Jobber, self-proclaimed Duke of the Crusierweights. They are for entertainment purposes only. Please feel free to use or post them at your leisure, but remember to give me proper credit for my work.

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