Jobbing Out With Danimal Daniel Jobber - Undercard Report

September 5th, 2016

Main Event Does Too Little To Promote Smackdown Backlash

A lacklustre week on the undercard shows did far too little to promote Smackdown Live and Backlash, which is only a week away. This surprised and disappointed me. The two matches on Main Event did involve two of the tag teams still alive in the Smackdown Tag Team Championship tournament which culminates with the finals on Backlash, including American Alpha who are the heavy favorites to win. However, this was the only in-show promotion for the Smackdon Live show and its first exclusive Pay-Per-View. If Main Event is to be a show that supports Smackdown Live, shouldn't they recap at least one segment from the show each week? With Backlash being on Sunday, I thought for sure they'd at least recap the AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose segments, if not the secondary main event of Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton. Instead, both Main Event and Superstars recapped segments from Monday Night Raw regarding the Fatal 4-Way and Keven Owens winning the WWE Universal Title. With all to similar recap segments, the two shows were relative carbon copies of each other with only a couple of new matches in each to differentiate them. Myself, I'm really looking forward to Backlash, with the afore mentioned AJ vs Ambrose Championship main event and the Orton vs Wyatt sub-main event, the Tag Team Championship Final, and the big 6-way match for the Smackdown Women's Championship. I'd have much preferred Main Event to use their recap segments to build hype for that rather than make Main Event just another Raw recap show. It's yet another wasted opportunity in my book.

The best match of the 4 new matches on Superstars and Main Event was definitely Main Event's well, main event. American Alpha and Breezango put on a pretty good show, which showcased the athletic ability of all 4 men, which has been typical of the many fun, energetic, fast-paced, and entertaining matches that Jordan and Gable have been involved in the past 6 months. It also showcased the power and skill of American Alpha, which will probably lead them on to be the first Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions. If you can only watch one of the 4 matches on the two shows, this was the one to watch. Honorable mention goes to the opening match of Superstars, featuring The Golden Truth against The Shining Stars. This was a relatively entertaining match, if not the most entertaining part of the whole Superstars show, mostly due to R-Truth's rap entrance and the crazy antics of Truth and Gold Dust, but the match ended too randomly with a sudden roll up victory for The Shining Stars on Gold Dust. The crowd was clearly behind The Golden Truth, and the sudden random victory for The Shining Stars did nothing to make the fans more into the heel role that the Shining Stars are trying to portray. If the Shining Stars were to win, it should have been a heel victory with some form of dirty pin or cheating. The fans just simply don't seem to care about the Shining Stars at this point, and having them win outright does nothing to elevate them or the match. If Epico and Primo are going to be heels that the fans have to worry about, much more needs to be done during their matches to build them up as villains. Otherwise, The Shining Stars gimmick will be yet another failure for Epico and Primo. Face it, the most entertaining part of Los Matadores was probably El Torito!

The worst and most pointless match of the week was the opener for Main Event, featuring Jay Uso (with Jimmy Uso) facing Konnor (with Victor, surprise surprise). Does anybody really want to watch those two individual superstars face each other? Unless Jimmy or Victor were nursing a minor injury, this should have just been a tag team match. Was the WWE worried about having the same tag team encounter twice in a row? If so, we may have seen a first here on WWE Main Event, folks. With the Assention having every reason to be angry at the Usos for eliminating them from the Tag Team Title Tournament, a rematch would have been perfectly acceptable. Instead we had a pointless half-assed Pseudo-tag team match with a meaningless top rope body splash victory for Jay Uso. The other match of the week, the not-so main event of Superstars, featured a non-title tilt between the United States Champion Rusev (With Lana) facing (drum roll please) The Real American Jack Swagger. Its good to occasionally have higher card talent like Rusev on the undercard shows. However, it's becoming all too apparent that the fans just don't care about his opponent, Jack Swagger, anymore as a person, a performer, or as a babyface. Swagger barely received a single cheer or clap as he entered the ring. The only thing the fans cared about at all was the fact that he stood for America against the Bulgarian Rusev. The only chants during the match was “USA”. Roman Reigns would arguably have received the same chants against Rusev. In the end, of course, the two exchange submission holds twice, before Jack Swagger finally tapped out to the Accolade, a completely unsurprising and predictable outcome. The match really seemed pointless, even in comparison to the earlier The Golden Truth vs The Shining Stars match. Sadly, I think its time the WWE consider putting someone else in Jack Swagger's spot, and finding something else for him to do in the company. People just don't have much interest in seeing him come out anymore. Even his submission hold, the Patriot Lock is looking really artificial at this point. To me, it just seems painfully, or non-painfully obvious as the case may be, that Jack Swagger and the WWE are just pulling our leg with this unconvincing move.

Thanks for Jobbing out with me, Danimal Daniel Jobber, once again. That's all from the WWE undercard this week.

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