WWE Cruiser-weight Power Rankings 

                              (Updated as of June 27th)


For the first time ever, I have no honorable mention this week!

14) (15) The Brian Kendrick

Came out with a really bad imitation gimmick and lost via intentional DQ vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher this week, but at least he was back on tv. Hopefully we see better things from him.

13) (13) Lince Dorado

Had a non-title match against Neville on Monday Night Raw, but really only had a couple of good moves, and tapped out really quickly to Neville's Rings of Saturn

12) (12) Gran Metalik

Had a pretty good showing against Tony Nese on Main Event, but lost in the end. Losing on Main Event just doesn't do that much for one's standing.

11) (11) Noam Dar

Once again, Noam didn't do much this week, although he did help Ariya Daivari get an upset victory over Cedric Alexander, likely setting up another match in the near future against Cedric.

10) (7) Drew Gulak

Another unimpressive loss to Mustafa Ali. This feud, which is rapidly getting stale, is not doing all that much for Gulak

9) (6) TJP

Kept off tv entirely this week, after his loss to Akira Tozawa last week. He plummets yet again, this time to #9

8) (9) Jack Gallagher

Did have a victory, although he was pretty much handed it by The Brian Kendrick getting himself disqualified.

7) (5) Cedric Alexander

He was destined to take a dip this week, after being upset by Ariya Daivari due to Noam Dar's interference.

6) (8) Tony Nese

Had a solo victory, albeit only on Main Event, and it was after he was pretty much dominated by Gran Metalik. However, there wasn't very many victories from top guys this week. The Premier Athlete rises a few places.

5) (10) Ariya Daivari

Had a rather impressive match, and even earned the upset victory over Cedric Alexander in the Main Event of 205 Live. I'm not sure that Ariya Daivari is likely to rise much for than this however, and is more likely to fall.

4) (3) Rich Swann

After a great performance last week, was kept off television entirely this week. However, no match this week means no embarrassing upset loss or cheap victory, which actually serves to keep him from dropping too far.

3) (4) Mustafa Ali

Another huge victory over rival Drew Gulak has Mustafa Ali rise to what is probably the highest spot one can rise without being Champion or Number 1 Contender.

2) (2) Akira Tozawa

Didn't even need a match this week to hold his spot. He had several tense encounters with champion Neville, and was named official #1 contender, and will now face Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at the Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View.

1) (1) Neville

Not that he needed it with his solid performance yet again as champion including another engaging promo like he's known for, but Neville even had a relative squash win on Monday Night Raw over Lince Dorado. He's still the champion unless Tozawa is able to upset him at Great Balls of Fire.

These power rankings in their present form are solely created and up-kept by me, Danimal Daniel Jobber, self-proclaimed Duke of the Crusierweights. They are for entertainment purposes only. Please feel free to use or post them at your leisure, but remember to give me proper credit for my work.

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